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1/2 Marathon Training

Updated June 21, 2021….We continue to wait and understand what our clinics can and will look like, thank you for your patience and understanding as we all want to get back to group workouts.


This Clinic is designed to take  ½ Marathoners through a great program that will have you ready for the May 2020 event. The Clinic will meet on Thursday evenings starting with endurance training and then moving into speed/tempo sessions. On Sundays we will meet for the long runs to build up your endurance and time on your legs. The goal is to get you through the training injury free and building a love for distance running.


  • 17 Thursday training sessions
  • 17 Sunday long run sessions
  • Technical Training Garment
  • Leader Lead Runs
  • Training and Race Day Nutrition
  • Monthly Training Plan
  • Guest Speakers
  • Special Discounts in store
  • 2 Training Runs in Vancouver on the course – mental/physical prep

Optional group events including First Half 1/2 Marathon, Fort Langley 1/2 Marathon, Birch Bay 15 km and 30 km


Participants should be capable of running at least 6 miles (10 km) for a long run and at least 15 miles (24 km)  in one week before the start of the clinic. Pace is not a concern just the base of running. If in doubt please give us a call.