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One-Step-One – Learn to Run

Update as of June 21, 2021….We are waiting to gain more information to figure out when and what our future clinics will look like. Once we know we will create new posts.

BROCHURE: OSO clinic 2020

 With the right help anyone can learn how to run…

The Step One—Learn-to-Run clinic is designed to help you build cardiovascular endurance slowly
and safely. Our walk-run program transforms your walk time into run time in just 12 weeks. On
the last session, you will be running a full 30 minutes. We promote an injury free progression that includes
adequate warm-up and cool-down. By carefully following our step by step program, you will be ready to
run your first 5K event in 12 weeks.

How is One-Step-One different?
EDUCATION: You will learn proper form and technique; body positioning and breathing. We
explore typical running injuries and how to avoid/prevent them. What to do if they should happen
to you.
EXPERIENCED GROUP LEADERS: We have an awesome team of volunteer leaders to encourage
you along the way. Most will share their personal tips and tricks.
COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM: Each session will include an introductory talk, followed by a
short warm up, leading into the workout. We will close with a cool down walk and some light
THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE: We work as a team. No one runs alone, and no clinic member is last.