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Clinics during COVID

Updated: Feb 1st

Workouts to Follow…please use these workouts as part of your weekly plan and make sure you are doing so in a safe environment. Always start these workouts with at least 10-15 minutes of warm-up which can be a walk into a jog, get blood flow to the legs before asking them to work hard. Finish with at least 15 minutes of cool down jogging/walking and find time to stretch, PLEASE!

H: hard effort (fast), MH: moderate hard (tempo pace), E: easy, recovery pace, jog/walk

Workout #1

2 min H, :90 E, :90 H, :60 E, :60 H, :30 E  repeat this workout 3-6 times depending where your training is at

Workout #2

Track day….(4*800m or 2 laps H ) (4*400m or 1 lap H )(4*200m or ½ lap H ) rest or E = 1 min after each interval

Workout #3

Fast finish workout….you choose the workout time but the last quarter of the time should be at an all out effort

Ex. 40 min workout time = easy running for 30 minutes followed straight into 10 minutes of all out running at pace

Workout #4

Hills, everyone’s favorite J , find a moderate hill which is a minimum of 1 minute in length and fully runable for you.  1st time through is 10 seconds up, easy 10 sec down, repeat until you get to the top. 2nd time through is 20 seconds up, easy 20 seconds down, repeat until getting to the top. 3rd time through is 30 seconds up, easy 30 seconds down, repeat until getting to the top. Finish with 2 full hills or more if you like!!

Updated : January 8th, 2021

At this point in time and with the guidelines put out by our BC Health Minister, the runners’ den is unable to have any of it’s regular training groups. We are working behind the scenes to have programs available once it is deemed safe to have groups gather and be in close proximity during athletic training. We miss all the training sessions we are used to providing at the start of Jaunary, so if we can help with keeping you motivated please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help keep you getting out the door. Happy Running until we meet in person!



The runners’ den clinics are based on a strong sense of active community and have been made a great success on the merits of our staff, our terrific crew of volunteers, and participants just like you. Tuesday night clinics have become the social backbone of our running and walking family and we are proud to offer fitness walking clinics for those who want a non-running challenge; walk-run clinics, perfect for those looking to start running for the first time or just returning after a break; a fundamentals group for new runners who want to develop their skill; and groups for runners who are looking to push their limits. Looking for the challenge of a half or full marathon? We’ve got you covered with specifically designed programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced runners. Interested in trail running or some running getaways? Check out our specialty clinics.

Want to know more? Just click on a clinic that interests you, or better yet, drop in and have a chat.