Trail Running

The Runners’ Den Summer Trail Running Clinic

We are working on having a trail clinic starting in the summer of 2022


What to expect:

Meeting twice a week, Thursday’s (@ 6:30 PM) will be a shorter run, approximately 1-1.5 hours. Sunday’s (meeting @ 8:00 AM) will be our days to get in some distance and elevation. Our local mountains offer moderate to challenging terrains. Be prepared for elevation gains upwards of 1,000 meters and to be on the trails for up to 3-4 hours.

There will be 3-4 different groups, ranging from beginner to advanced with different paces offered within each level. All groups will be running the same routes, starting at 10km and building up to 15km. As stated in the requirements, we ask that you are capable of running 1 hour straight on the road or 1.5 hours on the trails with breaks.


Safety is our number one priority. While keeping group numbers low, we will be practicing safe distancing throughout the clinic. From when we meet before our runs, trekking through the trails, and sending everyone home safely.


Clinic cost is $125
Your clinic includes 8 weeks of guided trail runs

$10 of every entry will be donated to TORCA. The Tri-Cities Off Road Cycling Association which is a volunteer based, not-for-profit, charitable organization that advocates for trail use and access in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody. Villages of Anmore and Belcarra fall under TORCA’s care also.


Capable of running 1 hour straight on the road OR

Capable of 1.5 hours running with breaks on the trails

Form of hydration (water bottle, waist pack or hydration backpack)

Trail shoes


10 essentials (recommended)

Benadryl (recommended)

Limited to 48 participants

12 participants per group max

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12 + 15 =