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Running Clinics


Updated June 21, 2021….We continue to wait and understand what our clinics can and will look like, thank you for your patience and understanding as we all want to get back to group workouts.

WORKOUT # 11 Nov 24th

This will be your last hilly session and will be up to you as to how difficult you make it. Plan a 30-40 minute route that will have some decent hills on it. Attack each hill and recover and cruise the remainder of the time. So if you love hills plan a route with a lot of them, if you don’t love hills, do the same and challenge yourself to defeat those hills! Happy Running!

WORKOUT # 10 Nov 17th

This will be a combination workout for you to challenge your leg turnover when you get tired. The goal is to push yourself to go FAST during the shorter intervals and then hang on in the longer interval portions. The workout goes like this : go through this workout 4 times ( 1 * 4 minute interval with 2 minute rest, then 4 * :30 second intervals with :30 seconds rest ) so you should end up doing 4, 4 minute intervals and 16, :30 second intervals….good luck and Happy Running!

WORKOUT # 9 Nov 10th

This will be a progressive session where you will try to get faster throughout the workout. We find this to be one of the more difficult workouts to do. For beginners to intermediate we would suggest doing it over 20 minutes of effort, more advanced do 40 minutes. Broken into quarters you will get faster as you go through each segment. So, warm-up properly and one could go first 5 minutes at marathon pace, next 5 minutes at 1/2 marathon pace, next 5 minutes 10 km pace, and last 5 minutes push yourself to be faster than the previous pace….go for it, Happy Running!

WORKOUT # 8 Nov 3rd

Well, back on the hills again. Time to work on the strength element vs speed. Feel strong every time you do your repeat up the hill. Focus on form as you go up, pump the arms in rhythm like pistons to pull you up the hill, focus up the hill – eyes up, chest up, take all the rest you need coming down and push again as you go up. The hill portion should be 30 minutes which would include both up and down. Break your hill into at least 4 quarters and do the workout as a ladder, ie. first hill 1/4 way up and back down, 1/2 way up and back down, 3/4 way up and back down, all the way up and back down….start over and keep doing it until 30 minutes is up. Great workout and be sure to stretch after you get a good cool down in….Happy Running!

WORKOUT #7 Oct 27th

It’s more than 1/2 way through our 12 weeks of training. Hopefully this has been going well for everyone. Outdoor activity still remains one of the best ways to get out and give you brain a break and see what the body can do!! This workout we use as a tester to measure how training is going: We call this Fifteen Forties! So the workout is 15 intervals of :40 seconds followed by :20 seconds rest. So a total of 15 minutes for the workout itself put it should be a push, we tend to do this on a track so we can come back months later and remeasure fitness. In theory, as one gets fitter one should be able to cover more distance in those same 15 minutes! Good luck, push yourselves and Happy Running!

WORKOUT #6 Oct 20th

Welcome to another workout. This one can be incorporated for either walking or running, challenge yourself or with those in your bubble. Please keep up with the proper warm-up and cooldown, be sure to incorporate some stretching when the muscles are warm and hold each stretch for 2 minutes each time. The workout goes like this:

Intervals with rest….. 1 rep = ( 90seconds (H) Hard, 60 seconds (E) Easy, 60 sec H, 30 sec E, 30 sec H, 90 sec E) you then would roll right into the next interval, each rep is 6 minutes so the goal is to do at least 5 reps to a max of 8 reps. HAPPY RUNNING!


WORKOUT #5 Oct 13th

This workout is designed to be a sustained effort which can be one of the hardest workouts to do. The goal is to run at just below ( 1mile pace) and hold that pace for 20 minutes, if you are doing more training and have been keeping your workouts going through the summer you may try to go 30-40 minutes of effort. I would probably do a longer warm-up of 25 minutes and add a little pace near the end of the warm-up just to get the legs ready. You can challenge yourself also by choosing a hilly route, most of the time I am looking for a fast pace so I would keep it as flat as possible. If you get into the workout and find you are not feeling capable of sustaining the effort this time, then break it into 2 * 10 minute intervals with a 1 minute break btw of a slow jog, this may be just enough to keep the effort high with nearly all the same benefits!! Happy running…

WORKOUT #4 Oct 6

This 4th week has us doing a combination of training. Always remember to do a proper warm up before starting into any of these workouts. 15-20 minutes of walk/jogging and general loosening up of the body is key, do what you need to do even if you are out with a training partner in your bubble.The training this week starts with ENDURANCE with SPEED, you will do 4 intervals of 4 minutes with 1 minute rest in between, then after completing those intervals, you will finish with 4 intervals of :30 seconds, these are to be done at a high intensity (faster than the 4 minute ones) with again 1 minute rest, it might seem like a lot but keep the rest the same and push it on the interval. If you want to do more you can, just if you want to add 1 interval of the 4 minutes you add 1 more of the :30 secs. So always keep the intervals the same. 5 *4 min, 5* :30 sec,  8*4min, 8*:30 sec,  cool down properly also….enjoy!!

WORKOUT #3 Sept 29

This is week 3 and usually it means adding some hill training in, so here we go. Do your usual warm-up and cooldown afterwards. This workout can be done whether you are running or walking, Find a hill that is at least 1 minute of effort to go up, plan to do 30 minutes on the hill, meaning up and down and don’t focus on the # of hills vs the quality of the workout. This is a great STRENGTH workout and focus on your form also. Pump the arms, slight forward lean and focus to the top of the hill. If you have a longer hill you can do 1 minute up, 30 seconds down and keep working your way up the hill. Many people do not like hills and we find usually it’s because people are going too fast, focus on running STRONG, feel engaged with the movements and each time up focus on a different element. 1st time up, pump the arms, 2nd time knee drive, 3rd time chest up eyes focused on the top of the hill, etc…Happy Training

WORKOUT #2 Sept 22

Thanks for joining in and participating with our weekly workouts, NO SIGN UP REQUIRED…fee is by donation if you are willing and able to SHARE food bank.  Donations can be dropped off at the shop or directly to SHARE,      A little goes a long way!

Please remember to social distance, so do this workout solo or within your bubble and please do not meet at the den like we have for years

This week is adding more speed with endurance as you cover more distance in the workout. WALKERS if you are looking for the workout, 55 minutes of walking should get you in the swing of things.

Remember with each of these workouts please allow yourself plenty of warm up time and this can be different for each individual, I say usually a minimum of 20 minutes

There are 3 options in this workout based on your location as well as where you would like to do it:

Option 1: 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 1km, 800m, 600m,, 400m, 200m  this would be at a track or using a GPS tool to measure your distance….with each of these intervals you would take a 1 minute recovery btw each.

Option 2: Done by time: intervals of the follow time segments: 1min, 1:30, 2:30, 4min, 5 min, 4 min, 2:30min, 1:30, 1min….with each of these intervals you should take 1 min rest after each effort

Option 3: Done by blocks in your neighbourhood:  1block, 2blk, 3blk, 4blk, 5blk, 4blk, 3blk, 2blk, 1blk…with each interval you would rest for 1 min btw. This can be the hardest of the workouts as you don’t know the distance or time to complete each interval and the rest remains the same….pacing with each of these intervals is key especially when you get to the “meat” of the workout which is the top of the pyramid. Good luck and Happy Running.

Cooldown with easy jogging and save some time to stretch also, this is the best time to stretch and remember hold those stretches for a min of 2 min

Enjoy the workout and remember if you want to support local this 12 week session is trying to support SHARE food banks in the TRI-Cities so please if you can donate your clinic fees, you can go on the Share website and donate directly or drop off at the shop and we will deliver it to them, thanks and Happy Running




Tuesday Clinic – see below    

Participants will be challenged with interval, hill, and pyramid workouts. With 7 pace groups to choose from, ranging from a 10:30 minute per mile pace to a 7:30 minute per mile pace and faster, there’s a group for almost everyone.
Current Flyer:


Time and day:            Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

Dates:                      Next Session TBD

Cost:                        $20.00/12 week session or $2.00 drop in (prices include taxes)

Prerequisite(s): Should be capable of running 30 minutes
continuously at a 10:30 minute per mile pace at least and be
comfortable with changes of pace workouts.


The Runners’ Den clinic is based on safety and having a good time running with others. The clinic provides all levels of runners a place to meet and go for a speed type workout in one of many pace groups available each Tuesday night. The workouts are designed for those training for 5km fun runs all the way up to marathons 42.2km (some may also call this a fun run). There are two walk/run groups that follow a scheduled program. There is a group for everyone…Come and RUN at the  DEN!