Fall 2022

We are in the middle of updating and finalizing dates for a Fall clinic. At this point we will be having our Tuesday night clinic for all level of runners and we will continue with meeting at different locations during that time frame. Happy Running, here we come!



The runners’ den clinics are based on a strong sense of active community and have been made a great success on the merits of our staff, our terrific crew of volunteers, and participants just like you.

Tuesday night clinics have become the social backbone of our running and walking family and we are proud to offer fitness walking clinics for those who want a non-running challenge; walk-run clinics, perfect for those looking to start running for the first time or just returning after a break; a fundamentals group for new runners who want to develop their skill; and groups for runners who are looking to push their limits.

Looking for the challenge of a half or full marathon? We’ve got you covered with specifically designed programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced runners. Interested in trail running or some running getaways? Check out our specialty clinics.

Want to know more? Just click on a clinic that interests you, or better yet, drop in and have a chat.

As we work with our leaders to provide a fun and challenging training environment, we are slowly adding clinics when we can. Currently we have a Tuesday Clinic going for 2022, but please give us a call or check the website to see what more we may be offering.

Follow us on social media for event results and special announcements!


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