Half Marathon

Speed Training for 1/2 Marathoners 2024 FULL

                                         8 SESSIONS    $45.00

                                Start Date : Thursday March 7th 2024


The Speed Training for 1/2 Marathoners Clinic will consist of 1 hour of training either on the track or pavement surfaces, this will make up the speed portion of the workout. Participants will be recommended to come early and do 30 minutes of warm-ups, dynamic movements and preparation before starting the 1 hour session. Then following the training session, it will be recommended that runners follow up the workout with an adequate cooldown to help in the recovery process. There will be suggested long run distances plus additional speed sessions incorporated into the long runs with specific purposes, this training will give you new tools to use with distance training.

Please feel free to ask questions either by popping in the store, call us, or going to the contact page and sending us a message to see if this training is right for you.

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