What To Expect

Shoe Fitting

What you should know about your fitting experience at The Runners’ Den


  • Step 1: When you arrive at The Runners’ Den you will be greeted by a staff member well trained to take care of all your needs to make sure you can perform at your best
  • Step 2 With the staff member, you will discuss the activities you will be doing and determine what footwear will make the most sense to keep your feet and body happy
  • Step 3: If you can bring your old shoes in with you, The Runners’ Den fit expert will analyze them and discuss what they see in terms of wear patterns which can help in providing history of successes or failures. There will also be discussions in regards to current training and plans for the future
  • Step 4: The Runners’ Den fit expert will then analyze your feet from a stationary position and through movements, which will help in determining the proper footwear selection. The footwear at The Runners’ Den have all been selected with certain criteria which must be met in order to provide the correct support for each runners needs
  • Step 5: The Runners’ Den fit expert will then measure your foot with a foot measuring device to determine proper length and width
  • Step 6: After measuring and analyzing the foot, The Runners’ Den fit expert will discuss your specific needs and how a shoe can make a difference, this will follow with a selection of shoes
  • Step 7: With shoes now being opened up for easier foot placement, The Runners’ Den fit expert will go though a review of a proper fit and provide technological advice on each specific shoe, if you need extra help we will do whatever helps to make your experience easier
  • Step 8: The next step is to take your shoes for a run, that’s right, head outside and try the shoe. The fit expert will have checked the sizing once again and watched you stand up in the shoes, now it’s time to really test them out. The expert will watch you move in the shoes to determine if the shoes are providing the correct amount of support. Remember each brand will fit differently and the cushioning will feel different
  • Step 9: The selection process may take some time so please allow yourself enough time to be able to fully try each shoe out. The best shoe will be the one that looks the best to the fit expert and which also feels the best to you. It is a team effort to get a good fit
  • Step 10: Finally you have a pair you love, they should be a great fit and feel great all over. If for whatever reason you have questions regarding your shoes after you have purchased them, please don’t hesitate to come back in or give us a call. Our promise is that you and your feet are totally happy

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